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Sector Naming
Decoding the names and positions of procedurally generated star systems
Project Details
Status Mostly Complete
Primary Contributors Jackie Silver
Reference Code Alot's EDTS branch


Before getting to the meat of the problem, it's important to have a good idea of how the procedurally generated parts of the E:D galaxy is laid out.

The galaxy is divided into sectors, each of which have a unique name; each sector is a cube, 1280x1280x1280Ly in size. Every system in the galaxy belongs to exactly one procedurally-generated sector, although due to the presence of hand-crafted content, a system may not bear the name of the PG sector it's actually part of. For example, both Sol and Col 285 Sector FH-I b11-1 are actually in the Wregoe sector. The latter example is slightly confusing: despite having the same form as a procedurally generated system, the sector itself (Col 285) is hand-placed and "overrides" the Wregoe stars that would normally appear there.